Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Spooky house on the lake

This old house, a stop on the Underground Railroad,  is located on the bank of Lake Erie in northeast Ohio.  Runaway slaves were hidden in a room beneath the floor until they were transported across Lake Erie to freedom in Canada. At times, when Lake Erie froze over, people were trapped in the cellar until spring, but could not be released from the cellar in the meanwhile for fear of bounty hunters and the sheriff, as it was illegal to harbor and aid escaped slaves (due to the Dredd-Scott act). That led up to where the slaves, fearing that they were being held for bounties,  broke out of the cellar and killed the owner in his bed with an ax.
 as I was painting the house, I spoke with a resident of the house who had grown up there, who told me she'd witnessed  supernatural  activities there over the years. She's going to give me a complete tour of the house before it is razed by the township to make room for a bigger parking lot for the senior center next door.

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John said...

This is right next to one of Raquel and my favorite spots to watch the sunset Mr P. So sad they are going to tear down something with such history.