Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Old International

I painted this old truck alla prima with my back up against an old barn. Plenty of bees, bugs, and burrs to contend with. The owner has turned down dozens of offers for it.
12" x 16" oil on painted panel.  $350.00

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

An outing with friends

I painted this scene recently at the Spicy Lamb Farm, located in The Cuyahoga Valley National Park ,about an hour from Perry. These lambs were cute as a button, and when they had their fill of hay they came over to visit with me.

When barns were vain II

This old barn is located at a nearby vineyard. Early farmers to this area took tremendous pride in the barns they built. Not so much anymore. Today it's strictly business, with modern barns having all the grace of a big metal box. The cupolas adorning the top tended to be very ornate, but primarily they served as a way to vent off the heat generated by fresh hay stored in them. When barns catch fire they rarely survive, as they burn like blowtorches.

The Forbidden Barn

I grew up about a mile from this barn. I wanted to paint it while in high school, but the mentally ill caretaker would shoot at trespassers will a shotgun loaded with rock salt. He's long gone, and the new owner was a combat surgeon in the 23rd Inf. Div. in Nam at the same time I was. He  gave me permission to paint there, and I saw no trace of a shotgun.