Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Far from the Continental Line

This is the site of a Revolutionary War veterans grave, along with the early settlers of Lake County, Ohio. A stone marker from the Veterans Administration accompanies the old soldier's resting place, sitting on a small hill overlooking a former watermill complex at Paine Falls. Our forefathers got the pick of the prettiest places around here for their burying grounds.

Sheds by the Towpath

The towpath from Ohio's canal system winds through The Cuyahoga Valley National Park, offering beautiful views to the thousands of bicyclists and hikers that follow it daily. These 19th century sheds are near the visitors center in Boston Mills.

Sandy Path

This trail through the dunes of Mentor Headlands State Park take you to the breakwall where you can step over the large stone blocks to reach the Grand River light. The sand has built up so much over the years that the beach nearly reaches the light on the west side of the wall. When I first went out there in the 50's, the wall was bordered by water for about a half-mile.

Fowler's Mill Village

A collection of original 19th century buildings remains from the community that grew around a gristmill nearby. This was painted from "Scenic River" park, owned by Munson Township.

Big Red

This barn is in Thompson, Ohio, and dates back to the 1800's. It has remained with the original family.

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Fairport Light

The Fairport Marine Museum is a "must" for lighthouse afficianadoes. I have painted this structure on and off since 1966 or so.
I've spent up to two weeks painting various versions; this one was done in about two hours.


It is unusual to see a yellow barn in Ohio. This one is in Columbia.

Jeeper's Creeper's

This old Willys is slowing dissolving in a woods nearby. It is surrounded by saplings and other plant growth. There is another one right behind it that I will paint when the leaves fall.