Sunday, February 21, 2010

Strauss in the garden

I painted at The Cleveland City Greenhouse last week with friends. It was warm, humid and tropical in there. I found this old sculpture tucked in the corner and decided to paint it.

The Bell Tower revisited

We actually saw the sun this weekend, so I went to paint this scene over with some punched-up color. I'm pretty happy with it; I think I may regret the upcoming warm weather. I find that snow painting is addictive.

The Doyle Road bridge

The temperature shot up to 40 dgrees today, so out I went to paint. I got so warm I ended up removing a layer of clothing while painting this bridge.

The Riverdale Road bridge

This bridge is in Rock Creek, Ohio, and was restored in 1981.It's nearly impossible to paint in the summer because the leaves obstruct the view.

In the Shadow of the Nuke

This local historic farm sits within a half mile of the Perry Nuclear Power Plant. The steam column was killing the shadows, so I waited until the wind changed to paint the colorful old barn..

Friday, February 19, 2010

A work in progress.

This is the Riverdale Road bridge near Rock Creek, Ohio.

Bridge to belltower

This was painted on a private estate in Leroy Township.

February farm

I paint at this farm in Madison a lot.

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Fire Mission

I painted this from a photo I took nearly 40 years ago. It features friends from Gun #6, Charlie Battery, 3/16th Field Artillery, near Chu Lai in Vietnam.

On Sugar Hill Road

This house was next door to the inn where Snowcamp I was held.

Amish cornfield

I painted this in Middlefield, Ohio, just before the first snowfall.

Mt. Lafayette

I painted this at "Snow Camp" in New Hampshire recently. Temperature was about -5 *