Monday, June 22, 2009

Harpersfield Farm

I painted this farm by the side of a dirt road, with plenty of dust imbedded in my wet paint that was kicked up by passing tractors..

Truck payment

A contractor took this old International pickup truck in trade for money owed to him by a customer. It sits by the barn unrestored, and he has turned down numerous offers to sell it.

Chapin Forest Quarry

Much sandstone was quarried here long ago when Cleveland was changing from a frontier town into a major mid-western city, as it was a major source of stone blocks. The cliffs and ledges are steep and dangerous, as nearly every year some careless park visitor manages to fall the 100 + feet to the bottom, discovering the harsh effect of gravity on the human body.

The Horse Barn

This horse barn has a distinctive cupola that reminds me of Churchill Downs. My father worked there as a stable boy in the early 1920s. It was built in an era where the craftsmanship in barnbuilding was at it's height in Ohio. It is the nicest horse barn I've ever seen.