Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Chapin Fortress

This outcropping of glacial sandstone is located in Chapin Forest, one of the Lake County Metroparks.

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Why we say "yes" instead of "oui' ".

This 12 pounder British cannon guards the entrance to the parade grounds at Old Fort Niagara. The capture of this fortress by British forces in 1759 was pivotal in driving the French from North America during the French and Indian War, ending the struggle between the two superpowers for the control of the continent. This affected our destiny even more than the Revolution, but is largely ignored in modern teachings.

Windsor waterfall

The Erie Indians woke up each morning to the view of this beautiful waterfall at what is now Camp Whitewood, a 4-H facility in Windsor, Ohio. I painted this from what was a village located high on a bluff, bordered by steep hills on two sides.

Lake Metropark sycamore

This grotesque sycamore is at the Lakeshore Reserve, near the stairway to the beach. I love the gnarled appearance- all it needs is lightning on a dark night in front of Dracula's Castle to show off it's true potential. There was ice still on Lake Erie as I painted it.

Lakemetroparks wetlands

This wetland is located at the Girdled Road reserve on Radcliffe Road. Lots of waterfowl here.

LakeMetroparks Schoolhouse

My father started school here in 1920. It is now used as a nature learning center.