Sunday, January 27, 2013

In the pasture

This 19th century farm once had hundreds of acres under till. The early morning sun washes out the red, and is more easily seen in the shadows. At one time, farmers made their own paint for the barns, made up of milk, rusted bits of metal (there is never any shortage of scrap steel around a farm, as I've found from using a metal detector on my former vineyard), and lime. I've used real milk paint before, and will sour rapidly if not used at once.  Not pleasant to smell!

Autumn at the vineyard

The part of Ohio that I live in is home to thousands of acres of vineyard and nurseries. Just beyond the tree line are row after row of grapes under harvest. When I started painting, the smell of grape juice was overpowering, and is pleasant  for about a half hour, and then then you get the sensation of having drank ten gallons of Welches Grape Juice. Painted last October.

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Still life, no wind

Since the wind chill here is about -20 f, I'm staying in to paint something different, although I've painted in sub-zero temperatures many times. I've got lots of props to paint, so I'm putting them to good use.