Saturday, August 24, 2013

A recycled church

I recycled this painting of a recycled church that is now a local winery. It's a classy place;  God forbid it would have been a dumpy beer joint.

A winning tune-up

I haven't been able to paint outside much this year, so I've cast a critical eye upon some of my works from the last few years. I reworked this farm scene a bit and won best of show at a local competition.

A tribute to Chardin'

I study the paintings of Jean Baptiste' Chardin, a 17th century French painter, to see what makes them tick. I own modern reproductions of many of the props he used, as well as a few original items.

Copper,clay,and apples

It's no easy thing to set up a still life, and you are forever changing the positions of the items until you feel you have a pleasing composition.