Monday, August 22, 2011

Wilson Feed Mill

This busy feed mill is located on Canal Rd. just outside the CVNP. I climbed down an embankment to a small stream leading to the mill. As soon as my boots hit the water, a large frog screamed an alarm and dove in, startling me at first, and then I had a pretty good laugh. I hadn't locked eyes with a frog since I was about twelve.
The stream led right up to the mill, and I could see the old mill race and part of a turbine lying on the ground. This historical building really WAS an old mill ( some use the name, but aren't really a true one like this old structure. I will go back and paint this when the leaves have fallen.


Sri Debi said...

The right values give this painting a lot of mood and atmosphere. I love it.

Jim Polewchak said...

Thanks so much Debi.

Sri Debi said...

What a great story to go with this painting. "Locking eyes with a frog", fantastic imagery in that phrase, and in the painting.