Monday, January 24, 2011

Sleeping Maples

This row of sugar maples borders the Girdled Road South Reservation, looking east on Radcliffe Road. They might have been planted by George Rayl, the farmer who sold much of his acreage to LMP some years ago. He also drove my schoolbus for years, not tolerating me and my friends questional behavior on the daily trip to and from school. He kept a paddle hanging on the dash, drilled with holes to cut wind resistance, but I never saw him use it. He was a big, strong man and we feared getting our butts spanked in front of the other students.
As I was painting, a lot of cross-country skiers were heading to the park, slowing down to watch the crazy painter working in 7 degree temperatures. I was having a ball !


Nancy Hawkins said...

This is a beautiful painting, Jim

Jim Polewchak said...

Thanks, Nancy.

Sri Debi said...

Great story, and really wonderful painting! Love the colors and shapes and feeling that I am there seeing it too.